World Cadet Rapid and Blitz 2024

Visa Requirements

Visa Information for players and accompanying persons from visa-required countries

Players and accompanying persons from visa-required countries are requested to contact the Organizing Committee before the 15th of March 2024 and apply on time to the respective Albanian embassy.

The Organizing Committee has no responsibility for late or not complete Visa applications.

To apply for an Albanian visa, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the online page of E-Visa and fill out the application for electronic visa online. You have to log in or register a new account before you can proceed with the rest of the application.

  2. Gather all the requested documents. The documents are listed in the ‘Mandatory documentation’ below. You must submit the documents via the website in PDF format. The Consult will process your application. If your application meets all the requested requirements, the consult will send you a message to continue your fee payment.

  3. Pay the Albania visa fee. Complete the visa application fee payment at the bank, and attach the payment recipe to other requested documents.

  4. After completing the application process, please send your application ID number to the Organizers to assist with the process.

  5. Wait for a response. You must receive an answer by text or email for your visa result from the Consul if your visa has been approved or denied.

The mandatory documentation based on visa C/ Visa for scientific, cultural, sports and humanitarian reasons (C)

1. The visa application form, completed by the applicant, which is generated online free of charge (the form must be completed online during the application and is generated and downloaded by the system)

2. Photo of the applicant, size 47 mm x 36 mm

3. Declaration according to the legal provisions, expressing the consent of the parent or legal guardian according to the legislation in force for the minor’s travel

4. Hotel reservation or hospitality statement. (We as Organizers will provide Hotel reservation and Invitation – after the registration and payment receipt)

5. Invitation from the local scientific, cultural, sports or humanitarian entity, for the foreigner’s participation in the activity for which the issuance of the corresponding visa is required. (We as Organizers will provide visa invitation based on the foreign passport you attach to the online registration form)

6. The document that certifies the realization of sustainable scientific, cultural, sports or humanitarian activities in the visa applicant’s country of origin. (FIDE Calendar)

7. Documents showing that the applicant has sufficient financial means for living, both for the duration of the stay and for the return to his country of origin or residence or for the time he stays in transit in a third country, which he has safely entered or that the applicant is in a position to benefit from such financial means, legal in the Republic of Albania, in accordance with the provisions of this decision.

– Full bank statement showing the movement of money (in and out) from your account for the last 12 months.

8. Residence permit for more than 12 months from the country where you are a resident, valid for a period at least 3 months longer than the term of the required visa.

Photocopy of valid travel document and previous or current visa (Schengen, USA, UK etc) or Albanian electronic visa/stamp