World Cadet Rapid and Blitz 2024

Let's all play together!

The experience of participating in a tournament, especially a World Championship, is truly unforgettable! While playing alone, online, or at the chess club can be enjoyable, it pales in comparison. This is the message of our video to all our friends.

All participants in the 2024 World Cadet Rapid & Blitz Championship in Durres, Albania, have the opportunity to compete in not just one, but two (!!) World Championships within a span of three days! The first two days consist of 11 Rapid Rounds, followed by the 11-Round Blitz day. It’s an incredible competition and experience for children who love chess, regardless of their level and rating!

Furthermore, parents and families can explore some of the magnificent locations in Durres or nearby areas before, after, or during the event.

In our video, you’ll catch glimpses of the following Durres and Albanian treasures:

The enchanting endless sandy beaches of the Albanian Riviera and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. The 5-star Hotel Grand Blue FAFA Resort, where all our guests will stay and where the championship will take place, is just a few meters away from the sea. Here, you can swim or capture stunning views and sunsets.


The nearly 2,000-year-old Roman Amphitheatre of Durres, a mere half-hour away from our venue. This amphitheater is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Namazgah Mosque in Tirana (the largest in the Balkans) and the Kisha Church in Durres are also highlighted in the video.

Of course, we could not leave out the renowned Ksamil Islands in Southern Albania and the Cape of Rodon (50km away from Durres), which are truly breathtaking.

There are many more famous or hidden gems of Albania, some closer and others further from Durres, waiting to be explored. You’ll surely enjoy some of them during the event or if you manage to have some extra days before or after the event.

As you make your plans for Albania, continue preparing your chess opening and tactics for the World Cadet Rapid & Blitz Championship and most importantly… Register Now! Let’s all play together and in the magical environment that Durres and Albania offer us.