World Cadet Rapid and Blitz 2024

The 2024 FIDE World Cadet Rapid & Blitz Championships, taking place on April 25-29, in Durres Albania, proudly announce the partnership with DGT!

When organizing a Rapid & Blitz Championship, the quality of the chess clocks is one of the most important factors that can guarantee success. Hundreds of young chess players, aged 6- 12, have already registered in the event from all over the world, and will compete for World Championship titles.

In this unforgettable experience, both for the children and their parents, we uphold the tradition of major tournaments that utilize DGT’s state-of-the-art technology on tournaments worldwide.

The DGT boards allow the games to be broadcast live, allowing chess enthusiasts to follow the games closely from their homes. This integration of DGT’s advanced board technology ensures a smooth and professional playing experience for the young chess players and connects the global chess community.

More prizes for the winners!

Already, the FIDE World Cadet Rapid & Blitz Championships in Albania, have the biggest ever prize pool in such a competition, with 20.000 euros prizes aside from trophies and diplomas. However, thanks to our partnership, we are delighted to announce some additional prizes. . As a partner of the tournament, DGT provides a DGT Pegasus, the first chess board dedicated to online play, to the top three blitz players in each age category. DGT wishes the future winners much fun playing chess with this well-deserved prize.

New Partnership

General information about DGT

DGT – The Chess Innovators

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We revolutionised the world of chess.

DGT introduced digital clocks to the chess world at a time when only analogue clocks were used. For 30 years we have been making the “Official FIDE Chess Clock”, endorsed by the World Chess Federation. DGT clocks are the world’s bestselling chess clocks and used everywhere.

With the introduction of electronic chess boards DGT caused another revolution in the chess world and millions of chess lovers can now follow chess tournaments live via the internet. At home chess fans use the boards to play online, play against chess computers or for training purposes. Playing chess on a real DGT board with real pieces is a much better experience than looking at a screen.

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DGT brought many innovative products to the world of chess and continues to give chess players what they want. As global market leader we challenge status quo thinking to develop new ideas and great products to start the next chess revolution.

At DGT the traditional game of chess merged with 21st century technology creating high quality products with focus on user experience, quality and modern design. We strive to add fun, fairness and excitement to the game and enhance the experience of our customers.